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A second world war nickname for a German soldior.
I hate those goons
by Becky January 04, 2004
To nod your head uncontrollably from side to side without end...ever!
In dellying his head, Jamie Paolino was emulating the old woman who can no longer control her neck spasms.
by Becky October 27, 2004
the best store ever that i dont know what i would wear if it wasnt there!
i love abercrombie...its the greatest!
by becky February 26, 2005
A very good playstation game the best ever!
I don't know at all
by Becky January 29, 2004
Art is something experienced and/or created with ones mind, heart, and soul.
Her art is as vibrant as she herself is.
by Becky April 25, 2005
pomp is defined as "poop on my penis" as when you have anal sex with someone and get pomped. like you can pomp someone.
can i pomp you?
by becky November 24, 2003
preppy is people that wear clothes such as abercrombie and american eagle...they dont have to be all proper but they have to own atleast 3 polo shirts.
wtf is wrong w/being preppy!
by becky February 26, 2005
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