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68 definitions by Becky

Mike/comfortable, when a person named mike is more that comfy, he's mumfy
I lay on Mike and he was so mumfy I fell asleep.
by BEcky October 12, 2003
5 16
Something lame. Used similarly to corny.
Person 1: "I can't believe Natalie can read these romance novels..."

Person 2: "Haha...corn."
by Becky March 30, 2004
43 55
sum1 who iz propa F.I.N.E, fine!!!
damn dat boi is lush, i wanna piece of his ass!!!
by becky January 19, 2004
13 25
OCP stands for Orange County Punks.. OC Punks is Orange County's Best Music.
See that chick, she's reppin OCP.
by Becky November 30, 2006
7 20
To nod your head uncontrollably from side to side without end...ever!
In dellying his head, Jamie Paolino was emulating the old woman who can no longer control her neck spasms.
by Becky October 27, 2004
8 21
Someone who's a jerk. Synonym: turd
Person 1: "Dude, James won't let me borrow his car."

Person 2: "Wow, what a turdle."
by Becky March 16, 2004
5 18
An awesome clan for clan people lol omg ;D
GpW R0xers
by Becky December 14, 2003
2 16