68 definitions by Becky

Raju's dark, brooding fantasy woman.
Cher-oline Thomas.
by Becky December 08, 2003
One who HUMPS TREES okay...
Justin Sliwke humps his holler tree in his back yard what a fuckin dandraphiliac...
by Becky February 21, 2005
noun: anything, anyone, anyplace in time and space. can be used for the meaning of any word, since it has no strict definition.

comes from gander
adj: a look
You have a big gandarzationalingism.

Your gandarzationalingisms look perky today.

I had more then one gandarzationalingism during that session.
by Becky March 14, 2004
Irondude: Cool guy who likes to piss his brother of with 'MEGANHUMPER'. Great Doom player and really nice guy.
by Becky February 17, 2005
a dude is a camel's penis init man!
look, did u c da dude on dat camel, MAN dat woz sum crazy ass shit!!!
by becky January 19, 2004
nasty ass mutha fucka.... hoe... skank
stacia maddicks is a dumb dugget
by becky June 25, 2004
A hotel that uses COINS. ;(
1. MattW was forced to host Cointel or he would be killed.
2. Becky is making this definition because she wants MattW to host Cointel.
by Becky December 22, 2003

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