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The person desires said thing/person. They plan to obtain/do it soon because it is good.
When Sally saw the gold crutch, she knew Little Timmy would be all over it.
by becky July 23, 2003
Another form of the adjective masty, but this word is more massive than nasty.
Jamie Paolino's nassive ego is constantly toying with everyone's nerves.
by Becky October 27, 2004
The word shibby can be used as a form of agreement to any statement. You may also shorten this word to shib.
"I'm so tired of banging my wife."


"I wish Jim would stop hogging tha grass and share."
by Becky October 24, 2004
a constant hinderance; always there and ready
MJ is such a penis jones, not anything like a beezley}
by Becky November 30, 2004
A hermaphroditic parasite whose favourite activity is teabagging Germaine Chau, followed by giving her a good old fashioned pole polishing.
Picov rapes five year old boys with a meat cleaver.
by Becky October 20, 2004
Noun. Shortened way of saying "DVDs received by mail from Netflix online DVD rental service"
I'm not going out tonight. I have alot of netflix at home. Or, I've just returned some Netflix, so I have nothing to watch.
by Becky June 03, 2004
A person that doesn't like to be called Defrost.
Defost played jj2 all day on his birthday.
by Becky December 23, 2003

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