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17 definitions by Becks Grevau

Using metaphors, similes, personification, and other writing techniques to allude to something. Short for "sugesstive writing". Very useful for bugging out an English teacher.
Example of Sugrit:

Original sentence: Tommy hated Angela's boyfriend, for he wanted to have sex with her.

Use of Sugrit: As passion and sensation overtook him, the angry lion inside of Tommy snarled and roared. It wanted to lash out at the lame, weak rooster before him, and steal his piece of fine meat.
by Becks Grevau March 27, 2007
Short for "Supernatural", the show currently airing on the CW.
I watched a SuNa marathon today. Dean is like, so hot.
by Becks Grevau August 14, 2007
A unit for measuring awesome.
I just decreased my carbon footprint! My awesome level just went up a few obamas.
by Becks Grevau January 06, 2008