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a girl who is a pervert, basically. she is creepy to guys the way male perverts are to girls.
Omg, Stacey is totally imagining that guy naked. shes such a girlperv!
by Beckley March 09, 2009
A word used as a filler in a failing instant message conversation, when you have nothing left to say.
Person #1: yeah so then i told him to get off my case and he was like well get off my case and i was like well you were on my case first and he was like well i dont care and then his girlfriend broke up with him through text so he was super depressed.

Person #2: lol

Person #1: and then it was like weird cuz i know he likes me a little bit and he was totally looking at me in a funny way and i was like jeez what are you doing rite?

Person #2: lol

Person #1: and hes like dude I'm totally going emo so my girl will want me again and he was like being all sad so i tried to comfort him and stuff but he was just being really closed up. i think he likes me!!!

Person #2: lol
by Beckley April 10, 2009
Something a person says too much when they aren't really listening. It comes from "wait, what?" Also used to describe a person who doesn't listen to you when you are talking.
Omg Sarah is such a waiwuh! she never listens to me when I talk!
by Beckley April 10, 2009
A typo made on a touch screen, often an Iphone.
I accidently texted my friend from my Iphone that I jade a friend. I meant to say I made a friend. What a stupid touch-o!
by beckley March 26, 2009
Someone who is your friend though official social status, but isnt actually close to you. They are in your social group.
I can only invite three people to my birthday party, and I'm inviting Sal, Chrissi, and Lara- none of my friendolians though.
by beckley March 09, 2009
What it sounds like when someone keeps asking, "Can I see?", and a description of an annoying person who is constantly trying to butt into your business.
Oh my god, she just asked me to show her cousin's wedding ring AGAIN. She is such a caisee!
by Beckley April 10, 2009
a phrase of description used when the word freak is simply not a large enough word to contain their freakishness. (the person being described probably belong on a leash too.)they are either extremely weird, perverted, or stalkerish.
Person #1: OMG did that freak on a leash Cameron just start humping your shoulder for no reason? EWWWW!
Person #2: EW now i have to burn my sweater!
Person #1: Omg what is that kid Noah wearing? A SILVER TUXEDO? WHAT?
Person #2: wow what a freak on a leash
Person #1: Is that CAMERON peering through your WINDOW? EEKKKKKK! ITS A FREAK ON A LEASH!
Person #2: No smart one, thats your reflection. But Cameron IS a freak on a leash
by Beckley April 26, 2009

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