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a person who is impaired.

Result of alcohol or mental retardation or just plain stupid. Or a individual who makes a mistake that no normal person could have.

Twister refers to the action of opening a beer or alcohol bottle.
(A homeless man pissing in a mail box) Passer by "Hey looks like Buddy's on bit of a Twister)

(A person while eating, stabs themself, in the face with the fork.) "Are you on some kind, of a fuckin Twister"
by BeckBand August 15, 2007
Individual who fallows you around. Unwantedly
Where ever you go. DaGo
by beckband August 09, 2007
Pound salt jerk off masterbate till you cum. Pound is the action; that cause's ejaculation. Salt refers to the semen; (tastes like egg whites mixed with saltwater).

Pound Salt down a rat hole;means go screw someone in the ass till you ejaculate.
I asked the boss for a raise he told me to go Pound Salt. The second time I asked; he told me to go Pound Salt down Rat hole.

by beckband August 09, 2007

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