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2 definitions by Beccerz777

Nitty nookers is a word to replace any word in a sentence to make the sentence sound/dirty even if it isn't
Jimmy: I'm gonna shove my nitty nookers in your nitty nookers!!!!

Sally: eww jimmy youre sick!!!

Jimmy: all i said was im gonna shove my books in your book bag....

Sally:...oh this is awkward...
by Beccerz777 April 07, 2011
when someone ninjas you it means they send you a chat on facebook saying either ninja, you've been ninjad, ect. knowing that are logging off right after it sends.
*kate opens up facebook chat and sends a message to john saying 'i just ninjad you' then logs off*

john: dang it she did it again

kate: hahaha he can never ninja me back...i must be too ninja
by Beccerz777 April 07, 2011