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It's when you are under the influence of either alcohol or drugs and start to sound like bill cosby when he sells pudding pops ( slurring words, sounding inebriated)
Janet was so drunk last night everytime she spoke she sounded like she was selling pudding pops.
by Becca Licious January 14, 2011
Is when someone has no teeth in their mouth so their jaw starts losing muscle tone and everytime they eat their bottom lip starts eating their face.
Larry won't wear his teeth when he eats and he keeps giving himself a face wedgie.
by Becca Licious April 01, 2011
Means to have sex or hook up. In reference to the 1980's band wang chung and their song. "everybody have fun tonight".
Janet and James are in the bedroom right now, I'm sure they're wanging the chung , they may be a while
by Becca Licious January 14, 2011

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