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A thug like no other motha-fucka
Usually is steady mobbin and fuckin bitches
Comprised of:
1. 10% Luck
2. 20% Skill
3. 15% Concentrated Power of Will
4. 5% Pleasure
5. 50% Pain
6. 100% Not to Fuck w/ his game
Person 1: Man Jared is such a playa, look @ him tellin those bitches wats up
Person 2: Dude his name ain't Jared, its J-Wad motha FUCKAAAAAA

Person 1: What do you think you are, a rapper??
J-Wad: I ain't no rapper, I'm a lyricist bitch
by Beavis1029 February 04, 2010
A man of genius and intellect far beyond what he displays or exhibits. As derived from his last name Tsai, he is of asian decent and thus was at birth smarter than most of the white populous. While under the guise of the white name Victor, be warned, he is asian, and he is smarter than you. When reaching the ripe age of 12, a Victor Tsai gains significant interest in women, and thus utilizes his deceptively enormous brain power to find mathematical ways to attract them.
One such case known as "The Girlfriend Substitution".

In this mathematical function, a Victor Tsai will introduce himself to women, stating he "has a girlfriend". He will use pictures and talk of stories to convince you he has a girlfriend, but in reality, this is a lie to gain comfort around the opposite sex. With this "girlfriend shield" a Victor Tsai is able to more closely examine, and even touch, women in ways single men would be excused of assault. It is after a time predetermined by the Victor Tsai that he will "be dumped by his girlfriend" in which time his female victims, whom have already gotten close to him under the belief he actually had a girlfriend, now see him as a viable candidate. And it is with this, a Victor Tsai substitutes his variable "girlfriend" with a real girl, and thus Victor Tsai takes another victim.
by Beavis1029 October 03, 2011
Getting shit faced at a bowling alley because of you are:

1). A tool
2). Need an excuse for why you suck at bowling
3). An Alcoholic
4). An underage idiot who is begging to get caught because you are throwing the ball from their seats and shouting at families next to you
Example 1:
Person 1: Did you really just chug that entire bottle? We are at a bowling not a fucking frat party, Jesus

Person 2: Shut Up, I can handle this, I'm fine, I got his, don't worry

20 minutes later

Person 1: Get off the god damn floor and sit down, we are bowling. And Stop shouting at those kids over there, they are like 14.

Person 2: Hahahahahhaha, what are you talking about, Im fine, hahahaha, I kinda wanna dance now. Lets run in the parking lot!!!!

Next Day

Person 1: Hey, how you feeling?

Person 2: Ughhh, I feel like shit, I had to work this morning, it sucked ass.

Person 1: Well thats what you get for Pulling a Willow
by Beavis1029 September 25, 2010

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