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A person who drives through the piney woods region in in search of bass while intoxicated.
Look at that dude driving through the woods with a cooler and fishing rods in the bed...must be an alcoholiclint.

Some guy left a bunch of beer and stinkbait at our lakehouse, then drove off leaving dually ruts in our yard, yea...it was an alcoholiclint.
by Beauxgrass June 29, 2009
The act of meeting a female stranger in a public setting, usually where alcohol is served, with the intention of hooking up later on to have sexual intercourse, and once successful, immediately fleeing the female's abode after she has fallen asleep.
Dude 1: hey man, let's go to the bar and find some nasty whores. Dude 2: alright, you thinkin' about a pork n' bail? Dude 1: yea, i'm not looking for anything long-term. Dude 2: yep.
by Beauxgrass July 08, 2009
The fiery defecation of atomic or other hot buffalo chicken wings which burns the butthole.
Had some atomic buffalo wings last night at wing stop, and paid the price this morning when I took a crap, was a serious case of atomicrack.
by Beauxgrass July 17, 2009
A looney person, an invalid.
(Person) ate his own shit. Therefore, he is fit for a straight jacket.
by Beauxgrass September 17, 2009
A looney person, an invalid.
(Person) ate his own shit. Therefore, he is fit for a straitjacket.
by Beauxgrass September 17, 2009
A person who is an idiot. A person who has a mental handicap. The term is used to describe those that are not "mentally retarded", but just stupid, like your dumb friend or dumb co-worker. It is not meant to be derogatory to those who are truly "mentally retarded."
I'm sick and tired of hearing about Jane's dumbass excuses for skipping out on work, she's just handicapped from the neck up.

Brian tried to jump off the roof with an umbrella and fly, but he just broke his legs. Yea, he's handicapped from the neck up.
by Beauxgrass July 09, 2010
Everyone. The little sperm that penetrated the ovum is you. You were the strongest swimmer.
Matt was the strongest swimmer since he is here today, it is proof that he outswam all the other sperm in order to penetrate the ovum.
by Beauxgrass September 21, 2009

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