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The second city in Britain. Friendly, down-to-earth people. Not stuck up and shallow like cockneys and not got an inferiority complex like mancs.
Probably the best place in Britain for a night out (from personal experience it is better than London, Gunchester and Nottingham).
Definitely the best place to go shopping, Trafford center my arse!
Has a massive stigma attached to it by ignorant people who mainly haven’t visited it or are stuck-up snobs.
Balti capitol of Britain (unofficially since some council idiot forgot to enter the competition).

One more thing, if mancs think of Greater Manchester as Manchester (because Manchester is woefully inadequate) then maybe Birmingham should be ‘greater Birmingham’ i.e. the West Midlands which is like 3 million people and wipes the floor with their poor excuse for a town? Nah, who cares, Birmingham is the centre of Britain in every respect.
Birmingham - The future
by BeauBirmingham March 09, 2006

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