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A 48, or forty-eight is a type of freight train car that usually holds the same containers you would see an 18 wheeler pulling?minus the wheels of course. The forty eight looks like a gondola and sometimes has the numbers 48 painted on the side of the car. Besides railroad workers?train hoppers and graffiti artists are probably the only people that would know or care what a "48" was.
"That freight was carrying nothing but 48s with containers stacked double high."

"He tagged up that empty 48"

"I only ride 48s"
by Beau Coulon January 07, 2008
The "porch" is the steel grated platform at either end of a 48.( A 48 is a kind of freight train car that is known and recognizable by tramps and Graf artists)
"we were riding a freight train through the desert at night and we just sat on the porch and drank wine"
by Beau Coulon January 07, 2008
buckled is when someone either looks like, or has actually been punched in the face with a great-big "tombstone" belt buckle--the kind that are typically worn by those on the Professional Bull Riding circuit.
"Ooohweee dat girl is buckled!"

by Beau Coulon January 07, 2008
a hot shot is a high priority freight train.
"that hot shot wasn't stopping for no coal train"
by Beau Coulon January 07, 2008
a kind of freight train car.
Lets get on that gondola and ride it to yuma.
by beau coulon January 26, 2008

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