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She is the most beautiful woman alive. Her best work as an actress may have been as "Lisa" in "Girl, Interrupted" and "Gia" as the title character. She should also be noted for her dedication to philanthropic work, even going so far as to adopt children from impoverished countries.
She is also Brad Pitt's new lover, which is a definite step up from his former one. Her one flaw may be her marked lack of derriere, but I suppose that can be overlooked in favor or her other attributes.
It's just not fair that Angelina Jolie gets to be so beautiful.
by Beatrix Kiddo July 20, 2006
Defined as the female reproductive organ
The vaginal suppository, muscular tubular organ, birth canal, buju, clunge, kooch, snizz, muff, box, twitchet, beaver, whispering eye, badly wrapped kebab, pussy, clam burger, minge or punani

The Vagina
Bryce: "Hey how was dat chick last night dude?"
Kieran: "Awh, dat gurl got a real nice gangidoo on her, i'm tellin' you man"
Bryce: "Daayum, you lucky bastard"
by beatrix kiddo April 06, 2012

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