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3 definitions by Beat Royalty

A **symbol** when one wants to denote sarcasm in a written form, without being misunderstood.
Lawrence didn't want Edo to misunderstand his text message, so he used a sarcasterisk. "Hey Edo, **thanks** for recommending Glitter! I really **enjoyed** it. Feel free to suggest more **classics** to me."
by Beat Royalty May 16, 2009
59 21
Covert flatulence. Undercover gas. A secret fart.
"So there I was, having dinner at The White House, steamin' the beans."

"The party goers were curious about the smell. It was clear that someone was steamin' the beans."

"Lawrence accused Edo of steamin' the beans... for the third time that hour."

by Beat Royalty September 24, 2008
38 4
Ad-libs in a rap song.
Chris told Lawrence to lay down some more rap-libs on the track.

"Hey man, the verse sounds good, now let's stack some rap-libs."
by Beat Royalty May 18, 2009
29 12