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A vinyl record; LP.
Im still listenin' to wax im not usin the CD. -Beastie Boys, Sure Shot
by BeastieBen September 03, 2003
Usually spoken in a quick raspy voice. The act of driving a motor vehicle wildly; Joyride; Donuts, rally turns and 180s are all included.
man1: Greg, what are we doing tonight?

Greg: mmmm Drivin Drivin Drivin!
by BeastieBen September 04, 2003
Previously used; mostly referring to chicks. Evolved from "i would tap that", hence she has already been tapped
man1: Im gunna go ask Sally out to dinner.
man2: say away from her man, shes been tapped... on numerous occasions.
by BeastieBen September 03, 2003

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