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What happens when you eat too many buffalo wings.
Guy- "Hey, you wanna sit on my face tonight?"

Girl- "I'm not sure, I got a bad case of wingarrea.."

Guy- "Get the fuck outta my house, Beargina bitch!"
by Beargina October 07, 2009
A forest located in a town called Swayze. Assalot is home to many rare species, including the ever popular Beargina. Many have tried to spacedock the Beargina of Assalot but few have succeeded. Assalot is the birthplace of the Chocolate Sock Olympics held the weekend of October the 16th.
Guy- "Hey buddy, what are you up to this weekend"

Buddy- "I'm off to Camp Assalot to try and find me some sweet Beargina to spacedock"

Guy- "Sweet I hear the Beargina is ripe this time of year. Are you gonna enter the Chocolate Sock Olympics?"

Buddy- "I was thinking about it but I have wingarrea."
by Beargina October 07, 2009

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