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Norfolk slang for 'that will teach you'.
Yo, I caught V.D from your mom.

That'll learn ya!
by beardy6991 April 09, 2008
Meaning somethings not right here...
'You have a Dick!! God damnit, I knew something was Rotten In Denmark when you said you were Russian.'
by Beardy6991 April 03, 2008
To have intercourse with Taxidermy animals. I.E stuffed animals.
Yo man, I got choad burnt last night from fuckin my Stuffed Badger, but thats Taxispermy for you!

Your into Doggin? You should get into Taxispermy, it dont move so much!
by Beardy6991 April 05, 2008
Airport Baggage Handlers.
Whys my bag all broken?

Must of been the Throwers!
by Beardy6991 April 08, 2008
Abbreviation for 'Hung to the Over'. To express ones rue on the intake of previous nights alcohol.
'Oh man, Im so H to the O. I never should of drank absynth from a dudes ass.'
by Beardy6991 March 16, 2009
To imply sexual frustration.

Ert meaning 'It' in Norfolk terms.
I havent got laid in over a month, I need ert!
by beardy6991 April 09, 2008
To advertise a social event of any nature upon Facebooks 'Wall'.
To Facevertise.

by beardy6991 July 23, 2009

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