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Etymology: A character in Scott Adams' Dilbert comic strip

(n) a clueless boss, esp. one that has been over-promoted and uses a lot of meaningless corporate buzzwords
My pointy-haired boss just told me I need to make a paradigm of strategizing my primary action items, just because I forgot to use the new cover sheet on the TPS reports.
by BeardedFatass January 11, 2004
Kentucky Fried Colonel
Now you know KFC's original recipe.
by BeardedFatass May 17, 2004
(abbrev) Too Bad, So Sad: to mockingly express pity over something bad happening to someone who deserves it: a smart-ass way of saying "tough luck"
FlaccidMan: I bought some bad viagra from Paraguay and my testicles shriveled up like raisins

LoisMustDie: TBSS
by BeardedFatass October 01, 2004
(adj) old, used to ascribe an artificial nostalgic value to crap that nobody would otherwise consider purchasing
The Old Junk Shop almost went out of business until they changed their name to Ye Olde Antique Shoppe.
by BeardedFatass January 08, 2004
(n) a really long T-shirt that extends below the waistline to just above the knees
T-skirts are fast becoming a stylin' way for young males to cover up their underwear without actually having to pull their pants up above their asses.
by BeardedFatass January 08, 2004
(n) the little crusty bit of mustard that forms at the nozzle of a squeezable mustard container
Before squeezing mustard all over my hot weiner, I picked off the mustard booger.
by BeardedFatass December 16, 2002
(n) the fluid that oozes from a cat if you squeeze it hard enough
You thought this was going to be dirty, didn't you? Sick bastard.
by BeardedFatass December 11, 2002

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