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one who makes a slide show for a large amount of people like a grad class or event but makes 99% of the pictures of themselves and their friends.
Michelle is a slide show whore because made a slide show for our prom but there was only one picture that wasn't of her and her friends.
by BearSilvia May 24, 2008
A lark is a person who may have seemingly been normal during a relationship, but went completely crazy after the termination of relationship. It is almost always a female. Characteristics of a lark may include:
-Not knowing when a relationship is over even when their partner broke up with them many times...many months prior. -Stalking such individual that ended the relationship with them.
-Checking such persons Facebook page religiously after the relationship ended.
-Telling their friends that they are still in a relationship with a person months after they broke up.

A lark can also be a look or glare that a lark gives you. Only a real lark can give the lark stare. Lark's can be very terrifying as they usually catch you off guard. Larks are usually not given to the person involved in the past relationship but rather their friends and always carry a message such as "WHAT is he doing with you, he should be spending time with me." The basis of lark stares lie in the eyes. It is advised not to look into a lark if sent one, as they leave emotional scarring and they are used to gather information. Through no other contact other than the lark stare, a lark can send a message to her ex's friend such as "Where was my ex on Friday, I know you were with him, I called 745 times and heard you in the back round but he told me he was at work." If mezmorized by a lark one may be tempted to break down and tell the lark the information that they want, but one must remember its only a mind game, you must defend you're friend against a lark at any cost, NO exceptions.
A person can "have" their own lark. If they break up with someone and realize they turned into a lark it is considered "their" lark.
The lark has been sitting in the car watching us from the other side of the parking lot for 35 min.

Johny's lark followed him on his walk home even though she lives 20 min in the opposite direction.

Mary was sending us a lark from across the cafeteria but we avoided it by pretending we were looking at a funny video on a phone.
by BearSilvia May 24, 2008

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