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Agreeing to go with your bro on a double date in order to boost his game, knowing full well that your date will be a loud, ugly, obnoxious whore.
Josh: "Dude will you come on this double date with me? I need you to put the team on your back."
Ben: "Again?"
Josh: "Yep... your dog-face date has a ravenous pussy known to growl in public. But I need you man."
Ben: "Alright..."
by Bear Bandit November 21, 2011
when one balls so hard he falls off the deep end of life
Magic Johnson: "Man my life is great right now. Lots of pussy. Lots of Cocaine. Lots of money. Nothing can hold me back."

6 months later

Magic: "Fuck I'm ballin off the deep end. I have HIV."
by Bear Bandit November 22, 2011
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