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1.An expression used to represent something which you know will never happen.

2. An expression used to represent something which seems as if it will take forever to come to frution.
"When is she releasing a new album?" Black Roses, baby!

"When are you graduating school?" Black Roses, baby!
by Beantownkid November 09, 2008
1. A flaming homosexual male, complaining and/or bitching about any general subject.

2. Any person(s) crying about any aspect which may not be controlled, resulting in worthless complaints.

3. A series of major complaints, which become bothersome and/or annoying, by any person(s)

4. Abnoxious complaints about any issue, which can not be resolved, due to the excessive complaining.
"Foxy Brown hasn't had an in-store album in 7 years."...."Why is Foxy Brown not dropping an album." "If Foxy Brown doesn't drop an album soon, I'm no longer a fan."
The actual pink tears..."This album SUCKS, I am SO PISSED."
by Beantownkid September 11, 2008

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