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2 definitions by Beanerous Broukus I

Sentence Enhancer- used to make any word or set of words more exciting or can be used to replace a group of words or emotions. Can be negative or positive depending on the tone of voice.

Derrivatives: phophylacticly, phophylactical
"I'm not happy, I'm Phophylactic!" - Snoop Dog playing "Jeffrey" in Doggy Fizzle Televizzle

Q- How are you feeling?
A- Phophylactic!" -positive

Q- How are you feeling,
A- Im phophylactic, just leave me alone. -negative

King Kurry VII - How was the test?
Beanerous Brokus I - It was phophylactic -negative
Beanerous Brokus I- It was phophylacticly bad - negative but used as adjective
by Beanerous Broukus I July 14, 2006
A replacement for the word Mother F**ker

Derivatives Motherhugger, mothahugger, Mothahugga
"He keyed whose car? That motherhugger!"
by Beanerous Broukus I July 18, 2006