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(n.) A GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) devise,
usually mounted on car's inside windshield to assist driver with directions to his desired destination.
1) My girlfriend used to get lost all the time until I bought her a wherethefuckarewe for her birthday.

2) Sitting in back of Frank's car, I asked about a robotic sounding voice mumbling, "turn left at next intersection".
Frank pointed to a little screen attached to his windshield and proudly proclaimed, "that's my new wherethefuckarewe".
by BeanTownRat March 27, 2010
1. A puffed up haircut, usually held aloft with excessive amounts of gel and stanky spray; often a geri-curled

multi-colored mess, typically adorning street walking skank-ass prostitutes.

2. Any haircut which makes a bitch look whorishly hot.
With a big date planned later that night, Shamika went out and got a brand new ho-doo to match her shiny silver "fuck me" pumps.
by BeanTownRat July 19, 2009

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