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Relating to the genatalia of a chav hore or other dirty girl whos legs are too often wide open. The minge demon lives inside of the minge giving a foul smelling residue that on occasion peers out of the gash attaching itself to the participating penis resulting in a strange burning sensation
Yesterday that filthy chav whore opened up her legs and the minge demon smiled at me before causing a nasty rash on my member
by Bean, Dave May 16, 2005
sticky and thick period blood that has been known to drip down the leg causing embarassment and possibly a shoe full of this stick treacle mess
You can tell by the moaning that she is dripping haemoglobin - this refers to the devils treacle. You can also tell by the smell that she isn't very well. See minge demon
by Bean, Dave May 16, 2005
Realting to the female fanny minge, can also be used to describe anything or anyone filthy.
Look at that dirty hinge it smells like a haddock pasty
by Bean, Dave May 16, 2005
Relating to the female genatalia hinge haddock pasty. Part of the same family as hymen yet this one is diseased or split.
My finger is on the hymen, i have now split the gymen - there is discharge!
by Bean, Dave May 16, 2005

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