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3 definitions by Beadybutt

When an asshole is being an idiot or acting stupid, or when an idiot is acting like an asshole.
Most commonly when an asshole is being an idiot.
" My dad was such an ass-idiot today, he tried to tell me I was an oxymoron because my name is Dawn but I'm never up until noon."
by Beadybutt May 25, 2006
1. something stupid, retarded, aggravating, or annoying to a person, can be a person or a thing.
2. A non-profane way of saying butt fucker, an offensive term for a gay male.
1. " My computer is such a blum-flunger, it keeps locking up on me."
2. "Chet is blum-flunger, he likes guys."
by Beadybutt May 25, 2006
a regurgitated piece of shit- someone shit you out, ate you again and you were shit out again. Meaning that someone got rid of you, took you back and got rid of you again because they’re dumb and you haven’t changed for the better.
"Scott you're such a returd, I can't believe I took you back! I should have learned the first time."
by Beadybutt May 25, 2006