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The most awesome television show invented by the human race. Short for "Mystery Science Theater 3000" Originated in the late 80's and featured a man named Joel (Later to be replaced by Mike Nelson), Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo. This trio would make fun of ,while watching, terrible movies. Was featured mostly on Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel. Aired for 11 seasons. In 1996 the MST3K movie was released into theaters.
I cannot find the MST3K The Movie DVD anywhere.
by Beachloghunter April 16, 2006
An utterance made when one has peanut butter stuck on the roof of their mouth.
Person Number One: What is wrong with you?

Person 2: Bwlch!

Person 1: What the balls does that mean.
by Beachloghunter April 25, 2006
The most awesomest board game ever invented by anyone.
Guy 1: Lets go play that one game.

Guy 2: Which one?

Guy 1: The bestest one.

Guy 2: Shweeeeet...I love Balderdash.
by Beachloghunter April 25, 2006
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