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A girl/woman who has a list of traits and expectations for the men that she dates and will not date a guy if he doesn't have everything on her list.
She's a list girl and he doesn't drive a sports car or have a white collar job so, she won't date him.
by BeachTiffany July 08, 2012
When you are drunk and you really can't see anymore. You know the guy in front of you is a man but he only appears to be a shape without a face.
Did you see what the guy looked like who I was making out with last night? I can't remember but I know he was a man shape.
by BeachTiffany June 24, 2012
A group of fat chicks dressed up, but still messy, to go out and hunt for men.
Dude, check out those bulls on parade. i don't care how drunk it am, don't let me go home with one of them.
by BeachTiffany July 08, 2012

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