1 definition by BeachGirl058

What I do when I'm horny.
Today I came home, to find that no one else was home. I hadn't fingered myself in a while and I was really horny. I went into my room and stripped myself naked. I jumped and laid on my bed and spread my legs wide. I told myself that it was Johnny's dick being thrust into me and I pictured him doing so. I started with one finger just to warm things up. When I started to get wet, and put in two and began going in and out, in and out. By this time I was moaning and screaming. It felt so good. I couldn't believe that it'd been over three months since my last fingering. I then put in 3 fingers. And that hit the spot. I was going in and out hard and fast now and I couldn't stop. It felt so good. Too good. I began moaning and screaming and just as I was about to orgasm, Johnny came into my room and stood there naked. I stopped, got up, and pulled him onto the bed with me. He hovered over me while we made out passionately and I could feel his huge dick on my wet pussy. I whispered in his ear that I was ready and then we made hard and long love that day.
by BeachGirl058 June 08, 2010

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