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a suffix that can be added to any noun, verb or adjective . It is also a less formal version of the ending -esq. It means alike or similar.

Noun: "That fox-ish looking creature is weird"
Verb: "Her behavior was so jump-ish"
Adjective: "The color was kind of pink-ish, not brown-ish"
by Bea February 16, 2005
alternative to 'it's all gravy'(it's all good) as my friend put it... pizza is good in the morning, day, and all night long...but gravy just aint that good all the time... its really only for holidays
it's all pizza
thats all pizza
by Bea July 12, 2003
when two or more females and at least one male are saying goodnight and the situation occurs where one female makes the other say goodnight before her to prevent the first girl being alone with male.
'i wanted to kiss Mike back there and you like, totally jock-blocked me!'
by bea June 30, 2003
1. A person, or people whose intelligence stems from an immoral place. (Usually referring to the rich/ upper class/aristocratic.)
2. The constant lack of distinction from right and wrong.
3. Consistently making the wrong/ bad/ immoral decision. (Especially when referring to means of achieving financial gain or status.)
a. The dirty politician is a "fuckwit" for stuffing the ballot box.
b. Achieving success through "fuckwitted" means.
c. His "fuckwit" father knew the game was fixed.
Fuck*wit: bad* wit,
fucked* intelligence,
A “fucked up” form of cleverness.
A “messed up” way of thinking.
by Bea February 17, 2005
A suffix added to any possible sentence to make them seem more fancy and intellegente.

Also see -ish

"The blouse had a vintage-esq touch to it"
by Bea February 16, 2005
White Anglo-Saxon Prodostint. The sterio type of a WASP family is wealthy, white, blonde and preppy.Generally the kind of people you see on wonderbread ads in the 1990's. Think picket fence, a golden retreiver and a lot of baked goods.
The WASP wore her favourite apron and pearls, with her straight blonde hair flicked up.
by bea February 26, 2005
The school for all the smart and cool people to go to in Santa Cruz, alot better than PCS! Great students such as Bea go there!
Kirby is going to kick your fucking ass PCS!
by Bea February 15, 2005

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