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Zimbabwean slang meaning car.
hey wheres my g?
Check out the spoiler on that g!
by beast March 13, 2005
also known as burnout - made packanimals (w00t)
Xirex is Beast's friend, and hates nightwolf.
by Beast January 06, 2004
(ns slang) Devouring a marine as an onos
"You got happymealed"
by Beast August 31, 2003
A skulk possessing clerity, carapace and under the control of Beast ^-^
Super-Skulk, AWAY!!
by Beast July 25, 2003
a player who is quite greasy, son of grease sr., and nephew of king grease.
pizza goalie's teammate number 11 is quite better than him. uper layer of the foodchain in pigeon.
by beast October 22, 2003
The Official abreviation of "Anal sex"
Asx? Yes please!
by Beast December 27, 2003
a HL MOD that PWNS UR MOTHER! roxors many other nub mods like counter-strike ,tfc, and dmc ect. dont buy dod retail cause if u do ur teh flamez!Buy reg HL and download the mods ;-).
I went to the store and bought half-life instead of the retail mods, becuase i am not a nub.
by Beast November 14, 2003

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