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People from bangladesh or have bangladehi decent. In the United Kingdom most of them live in Bricklane. In U.S.A, most live in N.Y.C in boroughs such as the bronx , Queens and Brookyln.And Some also live in miami,Florida but they are mostly mixed.

-Most Bengali's are into the hip-pop culture.Some are strictly religious others are not.They come in all different skin tones but majority is either brown or tan ,minority is white (liteskin) about ten percent.

- AND THEY ALL SPEAK BENGALI. Bengali's hate ignorance, they are down to earth people and enjoys to be with cool, free minded people who show them a lot of respect and love.
-Jon: wher'd u get tht good yay?
Bob: From det bengali who livs across tha street frm me.
-Kareem: Who's ur O.G?
Devin: Is tht bengali nikka Ali, who lok lik a replica of Yung Jeezy.
Nora Ali - Junior Miss America 2007 (Minnesota)
Jawed Karim - co-founder of YouTube and lead technical architect of PayPal.
Monica Yunus - daughter of Muhammad Yunus and soprano singer
Saif Ahmad - World Series of Poker winner.
Fazlur Khan - civil engineer, lead architect of the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Center,2 considered "the greatest architectural engineer of the second half of the 20th century.
Bridget McCain- Governor John McCain's youngest Daughter.
by Bdzillest March 06, 2008

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