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The iPhone's biggest competitor, the biPhone can do everything the iPhone does, but both ways. Instead of the old boring way of calling someone, you can talk and listen at the same time without pausing to do one at a time. It contains two screens, two microphones, two speakers, twice the amount of apps, and two processors. The biPhone can do multitasking, doing two apps at once. Another feature contains calling or text messaging two contacts at once.
Dude, your phone is so gay!
It's not gay, it's bi.

Is that an iPhone?
No, it's twice as good, it's a biPhone.
by Bdon "BBFF" February 03, 2010
When something or someone causes you to lose your pleasure or ruins your enjoyment. Going from happy or laughing to immediately sad or depressed.
The teacher's homework was a total erection deflection. Taylor has been a real erection deflection lately. Enos, why are you such an erection deflection? Oh man your girlfriend is cheating on you, what an erection deflection.
by Bdon "BBFF" February 03, 2010

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