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- What is Hiphop?
Hiphop is the name of our collective consciousness. It is generally expressed through the unique elements of Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beatboxin, Street Fashion, Street language, Street Knowledge and Street Entrepreneurialism. At the Temple of Hiphop, Hiphop is practiced as an alternative behavior capable of transforming subjects and objects in an attempt to manifest our collective consciousness. Hiphop is a state of mind.

The Gospel of Hiphop
Hiphop - Its meaning and purpose.

9 Knowing the first four elements of Hiphop (B.E.G.D.) provides an elementary comprehension of early Hip Hop. However, the Temple of Hiphop teaches that it is through the comprehension of all nine Hiphop elements that a total comprehension of the Hiphop lifestyle is achieved. Such a comprehension aids in one’s victory over the streets. But there is more!

11 Hiphop is not Rap music, nor is it exclusively Deejayin, cuttin', scratchin', or even partying. Rap is something we do. Hiphop is something we live! As a unique and distinct group of people our greatest discovery is that the very existence of Hiphop means that our God is real! And such a God loves us enough to bless us with the awareness of Hiphop. This is real! Wake-up Hiphoppa! Wake-up and realize this Truth! You are a great nation with a divine purpose! God is truly with us! Do not waste your life on argument and continuous hostility. Focus upon the perfecting of your cultural skill and the realizing of your life purpose."

If you want to spell Hiphop, spell it with a capital H! We are a proper noun!
KRS-ONE: Rap is something you do, Hiphop is something you live!

If you want to spell Hiphop, spell it with a capital H! We are a proper noun!
by Bboy Stickly December 23, 2004

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