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NetFlix Hypnosis is a term describing what occurs when one views movies and shows on NetFlix back to back to back. Most commonly experienced with TV shows as one is able to access multiple seasons of one show. One is caught in a seemingly infinite loop of NetFlix shows and movies.
Joe hasn't got any work done since he put on season 2 of Ugly Betty, he has NetFlix Hypnosis.
by BbStarD March 29, 2011
The disgusting film of dirt or grease that bums leave behind after sleeping on train seats
Don't sit there, that dirty hobo left behind some bum grease!
by BbStarD June 18, 2011
What occurs when a Facebook or other social media Troll creates self-perpetuating discord resulting in an enduring thread of nonsense, leaving all participants involved angry and even potentially converted into Trolls themselves.
We got so sucked up by that Trollnado that I wound up Trolling on that thread out of spite.
by BbStarD January 08, 2015

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