1 definition by BayvilleDruggie

Bayville is a small shitty town with nothing to do except smoke weed salvia and cigarettes snort and pop pills eat shrooms and hangout with your friends

Its in New Jersey by towns called beachwood,pinebeach,ocean gate, toms river,and SeaSide.

we have absolutely nothing to do but bike and do drugs like personally i started weed in 6th grade which was age 10 or 11
and i know kids who started cigs at 9 so yeah we seriously have nothing to do

we have extreme drama issues and plenty of fights we have fake gays and fake bi people kids fake desies such as bi-polor and people fake cut.we lie we're just like every other shitty town cept we have a dinosaur and a champagne bottle. oh and a spot in either weird NJ or weird US.we have a smoke shop and 2 grocery stores a Cumberland farms and small parts are on the water. almost everyone does BMX or Skateboards and only 20 kids dont do drugs and most get it from parents and no one thinks its a bad town cause it has so many good kids but those people are just blind and dont realize we have fist fights we lie we steal bikes and boards and everything that could go wrong in a town does.
person 1:"hey hun,where are you from?"

person 2:"Gayville, NJ i mean Bayville, NJ"
by BayvilleDruggie July 17, 2009

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