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Also known as club Life. This is a place located In Astoria, Queens in New York City.This club is located in an urban neighborhood with mostly white residents. People come from all over The queens Area or even New Jersey to attend this Club event, Mostly White italians they all have the blowout hairstyle, and sexy guidette. The girls are slut but who cares, Theyr Hott! This is a teen club event no one above age 17 is allowed inside, at this place people grind on random people and the girls are easy to get. A really fun place for teens to go. The ticket is currently 30 dollors and you are aloow in from 7pm-2am, in that club u will see the best looking people ever, and like 3 black ppl in the club and like 2 asians when everyone else is white lmfao, aniways its rlly fun. They only have their events once a month before a major holiday.
When i was waiting outside Mrdvip club life
These hot girls outside the club were complaining about how cold it was outside and having to wait online because they were only wearing a tank top and super short shorts.

A car arrives at the club, the door opens and All of a sudden like 20 Italian dude jump out and start going crazy.Thats all you see outside of Mrdvip life
by BaysideNigga February 17, 2009

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