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1) Very fun to say
2) The clean version of a pimpmobile
3) Pope's car
1) Popemobile!
2) I'm popein' in my popemobile!
3) Here comes Pope John Paul in his popemobile...
by Bayou Bob May 01, 2005
What you call someone when they give you a rant about how to live your life.
Michael: *rants about life*
Me: Thanks, Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil: I want you to *insert something stupid here*
Me: *throws axe at TV*
by Bayou Bob March 23, 2005
Followed by an army of 10-year-olds who wear sparkly nailpolish and blue eyeshadow.
10-year-olds who wear sparkly nailpolish and blue eyeshadow: Hilary Duff, you rock!!!!!

Me: You suck!
by Bayou Bob February 13, 2005
A blonde freak who had the worst TV show I have ever seen. She decided one day to sing. She pollutes the radio with songs obviously not written by her, but make no sence anyway. Quote from her song: "im gonna keep your jeans,
and your old black hat (cuz i wanna)
they look good on me,
you're never gonna get them back" Right...she will steal your clothes because they look better on her? She has a huge army of 10 year olds who like to wear blue eyeshadow and sparkly nailpolish.
*Someone sings badly*

Me: Who'd you learn to sing from, Hilary Duff? *laugh*

*Bad singer runs away, crying*
by Bayou Bob February 06, 2005
An awesome animal; scaley changes colour and comes in a variety of colours and shapes!
Jerk: Hey! You love lizard! You suck!
Me: Lizards are so cool!
Jerk: *is stupid*
Me: Your stupid!
by Bayou Bob February 04, 2005
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