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Known as Tha city, the 4 fifteen (415), the sco, even frisco, to us baydestrians. I wasnt born here, but i lived here my whole life. Theres not that many gay people in this city, they mostly in the castro district. We're not all rich either, the rich people live mostly by the golden gat bridge, and towards marine county (the northern parts of SF), so dont get it twisted. this city got hella different ppl! we got whites, blacks, latins, indians, asians, filipinos, samoans, and all other types of pple. We have dnagerous ass hood's here like the notorious hunters point, Fillmoe (fillmore), Mission, Lakeview, and Tenderloin. yes, we do have a lot of azn's in this city, mostly in chinatown, and sunset district. we are one of the most hyphy cities in tha bay! We got some of the best turf (exclusive bay area dance crews out there like supasicwidit. And also, we not only got the most, but we got the best graffiti artists/crews out there! Most of the people I know at my high school tag. If you wanna see when u come here go to downtown 6th street! Its a graffiti mecca. Oh yea and for the losers that say locals dont call it Frisco, they lyin! The young homies occasionally call it frisco, but we mostly refer to it as tha sco for even shorter, or tha city. I know this city real well the people that write about The sco better get their facts straight! o yea we also hate tourits!!
San Francisco: hated on by other cities

Da sco gets hated on by the media for bein better than their bitch filled city..haha (not hatin on othe bay area cities) . San francico's is tha shit! we dont need any of u tourists degrading tha city any longer.
by Baydestrian415 July 12, 2008
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