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In language of north-american indians - hopi, mean: life out of balance. Unbalanced, chaotic, self-destructive and self-build world.
see the movie "Koyaanisqatsi" 1982
producer and director: Godfrey Reggio
composer:Philip Glass
by BayPetko August 26, 2005
In Bulgarian jargon mean wretch. Degenarate human.
ebi se v gaza, skapan mizernik!
by BayPetko August 25, 2005
Ancient Greek term. Mean human, who don't take a interest in problems and works of the society. Don't join in the politics, wars, voting and all social activities. Hi is interested only in own life, family and friends. Later on, the psychologists used this ancient term to define mental disease.
He is complete idiot.
by BayPetko August 25, 2005

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