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Yadadimean is a Bay Area term for "Ya know what I mean?" or "Ya know what I'm sayin?" But the Bay crammed it all into one dope ass word. This word never sounds right unless spoken by a true bay nigga or niggette.
Ex: "I gets my hustle on day and night playa, yadadimean?"
Ex: "In the Bay we be doin it different yadadimean?"
by Bay Area Mami March 07, 2006
Gettin stupid is a bay-area term for a type of dance that they do. Goin stupid somewhat resembles an insane person losing control, dancing as if no one is watching, shaking your head all over the place (dreads add a nice touch to it), and just plain losin' it.
Mayn! Did you see dem' nigga's last night mayn? They was gettin' stupid up in the club!
by Bay Area Mami March 07, 2006
Hella is a word that originated in the Bay Area aka The Yay Area. Hella is a word you use when you really want to express your emotions about something, when you say hella you really mean what you sayin. Peeps arguin back and forth say it originated in Frisco and fa any dumbass who don't know that mean SanFrancisco. Otha Niggas claim it started in Northern Cali. Mayn to all my Bay Area niggas, it originated in the bay so keep it at that. It don't matta where cuz it's from the Bay mayn! stop bein pussys about it cuz in the end it's all BAY SHIT! Reppin The Yay To The Fullest Ya Heard?
Ex: "That suit hella clean ma nigga!"

Ex: "Aw, she hella grimey cuz!"
by Bay Area Mami March 07, 2006

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