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a woman with an ass so enormous that you can put your drink on it while doing her.
Daaaamn!!! Check out that girl's shelf-like booty. You can put an entire 6pack on it!
by Bay Area Jess October 10, 2005
A mama's boy, wannabe bully or some dork acting all thuggish & hardcore in internet chatrooms.
Check out this net gangsta. I bet his mama would whoop his ass if she finds him acting tough on the computer!
by Bay Area Jess October 10, 2005
a girl with a slammin' body but a face that would make small children cry.
"That girl's body is hot...I'd do her but she's a wreck up from the neck up!"
by Bay Area Jess October 10, 2005
(N) - a derogatory term, like idiot or dumbass, used whenever somebody acts or does something really stupid.
Way to walk into the door, mensa!!
by Bay Area Jess October 06, 2005

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