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The technique of drawing one's sword from one's sheath as an attack. Extremely fast due to the curve of the katana and sheath. Used in the Hiten Mitsurugi style.
"He was a master of drawing his sword with god-like speeds, he was a master of the Battou-jutsu."
by Battousai September 24, 2003
A person that likes Japanese Anime but isnt always a nerd.
"Dude you like Anime? Your to cool to like that childish crap." "Its not childist how is a guy getting his head sliced off childist?"
by Battousai January 31, 2005
Jujitsu is a ground fighting form of martial arts developed in Japan many centuries ago. It was often used by the samurai and today is a widely practiced martial art. It focuses on take downs and locks as well as chokes. It's sport form is known as grappling which is similiar to greco roman wrestling found in highschools.
If you ever pick a fight with a grappler you'll be in a world of hurt
by Battousai July 15, 2004
An attack in the Hiten Mitsurugi style where Kenshin attacks downward, creating a great thrust force that explodes the ground towards the opponent.
"He struck the ground with great force, and it seemed to explode towards me, he had used the Do Ryu Sen."
by Battousai September 24, 2003
corrupted MiNdz

creative minds
cm is insane
by Battousai March 20, 2004

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