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Both good and evil, this term describes a person, a situation, or a thing. This is essentially the exact same as a mother fucker, but is more fun to say.
1. Check out that meat spinning milter filter in his Hummer talking on an iPhone! (insult)

2. Lindsey just drank Jimmy under the table. What a highly dangerous badass milter filter! (compliment)

3. Milter filter! Couldn't you have at least puked in the toilet? (bad situation)

4. Dude, where's my car? I could have sworn I parked that milter filter here. (thing)

5. You had sex with my mom? You milter filter! (???)
by Battoo May 20, 2008
A silly sally who cuts you off and clearly has no idea how to drive. This person has likely had slurpies and bread rolls thrown at them for sucking at life and probably doesn't have a license either.
Piss out your ass, you fucking kaleidoscope!
by Battoo May 18, 2008
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