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2 definitions by BattleSchoolGraduate

A person in a conflict-oriented profession (ie assassin, negotiator, advertising personnel, etc)who follows a samurai-like code of ethics. This generally means limiting collateral damage (whatever that might be, depending on the profession), treating their job as 'just business (not bringing personal animosity into competition),' and respecting competitors in their profession. Coined as a part of the cyberpunk movement in science fiction, and exemplified by Case in Neuromancer by William Gibson, and Hiroaki Protagonist in Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.
Hiro was a corporate samurai for CosaNostra Pizza #3569.
by BattleSchoolGraduate March 12, 2006
27 3
(ee-jit) someone whose BBS posts are stunningly moronic, and who cannot seem to shut up; one who picks needless fights over minor grammar violations or other bits of minutiae
User 1: Who are you looking for? Which character?
User 2: Excuse me, but I believe the correct word is 'whom.'
User 3: Don't be an e-git. We all know what he means.
by BattleSchoolGraduate July 19, 2006
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