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Crom(verb) Crommed. Cromming. To Crom someone is to ravage, sexually. Passionate and forceful sometimes with restraints. Some women may fantasize about being Crommed, about someone powerful having his way with them sexually. Popular places For Cromming to occur include settings such as islands, beaches, forests, fields, flowers, waterfalls, moonlight, space and heaven... and most of all Dungeons! Cromming can be violent, although violence is not needed to have a good crom!

conan the barbarian would Crom many woman
Sarah: "Andrew if i was conan i would crom me, why haven't you crommed me yet? can you please crom me now"

Andrew: "CRROOOMMMM!!"

Andrew throws the willing broad over his shoulder and takes her to a near by dungeon, and begins the cromming process.
by Batesoholic August 29, 2011

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