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Abbreviation for Dirty Kid.

A socially awkward person who can be identified by one or more of the following: greasy hair, self made thumb holes in clothing, carries around 2 liters of soda, smells like unwashed crevasses, dragon related apparel, silken shirts, off-brand skate shoes, drinks monster as if it was a drug, bows instead of waves, steal towed boots, wife beaters, silver necklaces with dragons or Chinese symbols.

There are many branches, or genres, if you will, of the D.K. but D.K. pretty much sums them all up.

(originated in McMinnville, OR)
"Look at those two kids having a martial arts battle in the hall! Oh my god, is he wearing a dog collar?...what a D.K.!"
by Bat-Yam bat Teruma January 30, 2008
Short for fecal matter. More fun to say than feces.
"There was fecus all over my straw after that nice glass of butt milk."
by Bat-Yam bat Teruma January 30, 2008
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