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A variant of the high five, a low three is when two homosexual guys touch their genitals together, naked or not. Can also refer to when two non-homosexuals bump into each other and their penises touch.
Paul: Max and Chuckie are so gay for each other, they slapped a low three in public the other day.

Justin: Oh yeah, yesterday I bumped into Eric in the hallway and we had a low three. It was so awkward.
by Basungi August 13, 2011
A large clot of semen that bursts out of your penis, resulting from masturbating more than three times in the last 24 hours. Results in swelling of the scrotum and painful pissing for the next day.
Max: Dude, I just had my second brock of the day.
Chuck: Shit man, you gotta stop spanking your monkey.
by Basungi July 08, 2011

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