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commonly used in 3 ways:

1.a womans "private area" or genetalia.

2.another word for a cat or kitten.

3. the act of being scared or "chicken"
1. i love your pussy

2. I LOVE YOUR PUSSY........Cat

3.dude don't be a pussy, just jump into the lake with sharks and leeches and your done!
by Bastian Cann June 03, 2008
a word normally used to replace the word "kitty" on perhaps "kitten." normally used in online talk or idiots who spend to much time on the computer and need to loose 200 pounds
Bryn: OMG l00k 4t teh kitteh 'es so cut3!!
Bastian: get a life.
by Bastian Cann June 03, 2008
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