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A member of the brotherhood known as Freemasonry. Commonly called Masons, these people have social events for the community, charity events, and focus on belief in God and brotherhood. They are often falsely accused of being satanists, occultists, pagans and out for world domination. Often times, ignorant people will refer to them as "pagan devil worshippers" which anyone with any knowledge on the subject would know, are two different things, neither of which describe freemasonry. The biggest problem freemasons face is that people with no clue what they are talking about accuse them of such outlandish charges. It should be noted that a definition on this page says that freemasons wrote the Bile. If the author of this definition had any knowledge of history, he would realize that the Bible was written centuries before freemasonry, which originated from guilds of stone workers in Europe, even existed.
Affiliated bodies of freemasonry include Shriners, DeMolay, Rainbow Girls, Jobs Daughters, Scottish Right,Eastern Star, York Right and more.

Anti Masons include: Bill Schnoeblen, Jack T. Chick, the Mormon Church
by Bassdog109 August 31, 2006
A clever phrase to let chums know how thouroughly annoyed you are with them at any given moment. Most effective when cleverly hidden in an unexpected place, in a seemingly unrelated sentence. (See example below.)
Chum: Man, did you watch that special they had on dateline last night? The one about Lynyrd Skynyrd? That was really cool.

You: Yeah, it was pretty sweet. Almost as cool as SHUT THE HELL UP!
by Bassdog109 August 26, 2006
A phrase used in a satirical way to parody those people who make incredibly stupid comebacks to things. The phrase is meant to sound like a stupid comeback an idiot would make; though it should be noted that the phrase itself is only used when joking among friends and is not for the purpose of argument.
Friend: Hey, Dave's havin a party tonight. You comin?

You: Party? Yeah, more like piss!

Both of you:hahahah
by Bassdog109 August 26, 2006

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